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Resident Testimonials About Pomona's Manvel, Texas Community

Posted on 4/13/2022 by Eric Sims

When it comes to learning more about a community, there isn't a better source of knowledge than the people who live there. We've gathered testimonials from some of Pomona's residents to show how life in their Manvel, Texas community serves their needs and allows them to thrive. Learn about what it's like to be a member of the Pomona community directly from the source!

Testimonials From Pomona Residents

“We found the perfect house in Pomona, but we were also so excited about the amenities and of course the best lifestyle director! It’s wonderful to have these very carefully planned out and fun events. Pomona is truly the best community!” – Kernaghan Family

Pomona Testimonial

“We moved here from a nearby neighborhood. We always drove through on our way to church and were sold on the idea pretty quickly. Obviously, it is beautiful, but we loved how family-oriented the community was. We have 2 boys under 6 and have enjoyed already meeting new people and having our kids make friends.”  - Simmons Family

Pomona Testimonial

"I love living here because of all my friends! The dinosaurs in the park were so much fun because dinosaurs walked around. I got to have ice cream and touch fossils too!!" - Jayden Fisher, 4 yrs.

Pomona Testimonial

“Jeremy Visbal was quick to offer help this morning when we saw our sprinkler system had a crack. He came over immediately and checked it out. So helpful to get his opinion on what the problem was (and that it wasn’t serious). Rahul Pillai was kind enough to pick up outdoor faucet covers for us just as the freeze was coming in, and Arathi Rahul’s baked goodies after the power outage ended cheered us up. The best neighbors ever! We are grateful!!” - Pragnya Lavanya

“Frankie and Marco Morado Are the best. From lending me baking supplies when I’m having cravings, to covering all our pipes during this storm. No matter how big or small the favor is, you can always count on them. ” - Laura Woernley

Pomona Testimonial

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