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Pomona’s Guide to Moving to Houston, TX

Posted on 7/2/2021 by Eric Sims

Considering moving to Houston, Tx? You’re certainly not alone! Houston’s population has grown by almost 11% over the past ten years, and experts predict continued growth between now and 2029.

There are many reasons Houston is attracting new residents in droves. With its thriving job market, affordable cost of living, and robust entertainment and dining scene, Houston has a lot to offer people of all ages and backgrounds.

As with any city, there are a few key things to know when you’re preparing for a move. We’ve compiled this Houston Relocation Guide to help you make the transition to living in the Houston suburbs as seamless as possible.

1. Prepare to be Pleasantly Surprised by Housing Costs

We’ve heard a lot about exploding home prices and lack of inventory nationwide over the past year. While Houston hasn’t escaped this phenomenon entirely, you’ll find that home prices here are very affordable, especially when compared to other major Texas cities like Austin and Dallas. Some studies estimate that average home prices in Houston are about 19% lower than those in Austin and 5% lower than in Dallas. Of course, housing prices can vary vastly depending on location, so keep that in mind when you begin your search for a new home.

Houston suburbs like Manvel generally give you even more homes for your money. Located just under 23 miles from downtown Houston, Manvel offers convenient access to shopping, dining, and major employers while still having the ambiance of a smaller town. If this combination appeals to you, we invite you to check out Pomona, where you’ll find amenities for everyone and a lifestyle centered around connections to nature, family, and friends. Prices for new homes in Pomona start in the low $300s.

Curious about Manvel Texas population growth? Manvel is projected to add between 130,000 and 150,000 people within the next 20 to 25 years. In the next 20 years, Manvel officials expect the city will reach a population 13 to 15 times larger than it is today.

2. Other Costs May Also Be Lower

Energy costs in Houston tend to be lower than in other Texas cities because there are fewer regulations. Prices for things like internet, groceries, and dining out may also trend lower in Houston.

Houston Relocation Guide

3. The Job Market is Booming

While it’s always more comfortable to have a job lined up before making your move to a new city, Houston’s robust job market means you’ll likely have an easier time finding a job here than you might elsewhere. Houston is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in the U.S., creating a demand for highly skilled workers. The healthcare, education, energy, and aerospace industries are especially strong in Houston. Prefer to make your own way? Houston is ranked #10 on the list of top cities for entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Houston Zoo

4. Get Ready to Be Entertained

From professional sports teams to museums to live music and phenomenal dining, you’ll never be at a loss for things to do in the Houston area! Located between Highway 288 and Interstate 69, the Museum District is both fun and educational. Be sure to check out the Museum of Fine Arts, the Children’s Museum, and the Houston Zoo. And don’t forget to make a trip to the Space Center.

You can also indulge your inner sports fan by catching a professional football, basketball, soccer, or baseball game.

Work up an appetite? There is literally no type of cuisine you can’t find in Houston. The city is renowned for its outstanding and diverse dining opportunities.

5. Celebrate Diversity

Houston is considered one of the most diverse cities in the U.S., as evidenced by its rich dining choices and many cultural festivals. Everyone can feel welcome and at home in Houston.

Manvel texas population growth

6. We Take Our Parks Seriously

But they’re all designed for fun and relaxation! Popular Hermann Park has more than 445 acres of space to enjoy, and Memorial Park is larger than New York City’s Central Park. Discovery Green hosts over 600 festivals each year. From trails to tennis courts to interactive art exhibits, Houston’s parks are all about family fun.

7. You’re Going to Need a Car

While Houston does have some public transportation options, including the metro rail and bus system. Most Houstonians agree that having a car is essential for traveling across one of the largest cities, in terms of square miles, in the United States. 

8. About That Humidity . . .

We can’t lie. The humidity in Houston can be harsh during the summer months. But the good news is that the beaches of Galveston and Surfside are a quick 45-minute drive away and Pomona has a resort-style pool for the whole family to enjoy! Jump in, cool off, and remind yourself that you also don’t have to deal with the cold and snow in the wintertime!

Communities in Manvel

Consider Pomona by Hillwood for Your New Home

Pomona is one of the newest and most exciting communities in Manvel, Tx, offering easy access to everything you’re going to love about living in Houston.

Pomona’s also far enough away from the city to feel like a tranquil oasis, full of unique parks, resort-style amenities, even a boat dock! It’s truly a combination you won’t find anywhere else in the Houston area.

The Best Builders in the Area

Another benefit of choosing Pomona when moving to Houston, TX is knowing that we stand behind our builders. Each was carefully selected to ensure that all of our homeowners experience both unparalleled quality and customer service.

Our builders include:

Start your search for the perfect new home here.

Still Have Questions About Moving to Houston, TX?

Just reach out! We’re happy to help. We love living in the Houston, TX area and we know you will, too. To ask a question or set up an onsite tour, just give us a call at (832) 336-6272.