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We Are Pomona Proud

Words From Our Residents

"After 27 years in League City we thought no other community could be better but now we know that Pomona is a perfect slice of paradise. As soon as we pulled into the neighborhood, we instantly fell in love with the neighborhood/community, houses and lifestyle. There are many things that separate Pomona from the rest!

  • Pomona is truly in sync with all lifestyles whether you're a young professional or a family – buyers gravitate toward this community because of the commonality and culture that makes Pomona in fact Pomona.
  • Everyone here is proud to own their home and show other communities that we are hard to keep up with. We are also pet friendly – event our sweet dog (Greta) won the community pet day contest.
  • We have a wonderful school district and even have an elementary within our neighborhood.
  • Outdoor activities – can you say resort pools, modern park and playgrounds, walking trails, fish camp and so much more. Being from Louisiana heritage, one of our community events consist of a crawfish boil adn a live Zydeco Band. Life cannot be much better than that.
  • Stepping back in time... do you remember a time when you could go to a neighbor's house to borrow some sugar? Do you know anyone who does that anymore? Well here at Pomona I actually know my neighbors and not only can I borrow sugar but they have already helped me out with projects in and around my house. So all that being said, we know more neighbors in the short five months of living here than all the years in League City.
  • Who can say they are only a mile or two from a major town center which has tons of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Not just that but you can hop on Hwy 288 and be at the Medical Center within 15ish minutes and also to downtown Houston within 20ish minutes!
  • When not at work, our afternoons are filled with neighborhood walks and bike rides where we see and visit with all of our neighbors walking their dogs or babies in strollers, playing at the park or swimming at our beautiful pools.
  • No matter if you are young or old, single or married, laid back or structured – everyone is welcome at Pomona.

Just when you think life could not get any better "BAM" life just got much better and Lori Evans (Pomona's Community Event Planner) is putting on another amazing event for everyone to come together and enjoy!"

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- Bourque Family

If you are wondering what the perks are about choosing our community over others, here's what residents have to say:

"We LOVE living in Pomona!"

It's #TestimonialTuesday!!! Tram Vu has the sweetest alliteration about our Lifestyle Manager.

"Our lovable Lifestyle Manager, Lori, loves to leave a lasting impression through a lineup of laid-back but lively affairs that leaves residents lusting for more. Lori's laughter is infectious, and her character is laudable. We are so lucky to have her in Pomona – without her, ti would be... well, lackluster. We LOVE you, Lori!"

- Vu Family

The Mahaney sisters LOVE living in Pomona! Here's why: "We love Pomona because it's friendly and we feel very close to all the neighbors. We have made several friends through all the awesome activities put on by Ms. Lori. We love the pools, fish camp, parks and are super excited about the new zip line coming!!!"

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- Mahaney Sisters

“In 2018, we moved to Pomona after our second son was born. We thought we were just moving to a newer house, but we had no clue what Pomona would offer.  We have made friends that are like family that my children call “aunties”.  The type of friends that call saying they’re at the grocery store and asking if you need anything!  Walking to the elementary school every day and the amenities are also a perk!  In 2021, we welcomed our third son and realized quickly that we would outgrow our home.  We immediately knew we wanted to build our forever home in Pomona while there was real estate available.  Now we’re in our forever home in the neighborhood we love, and we couldn’t be happier!”

- Odi Family

"We love Pomona because it allows us to be adventurous. We get to ride our bikes all around the numerous trails, go kayaking and paddleboarding, take a dip in the pools, and enjoy all of the unique parks. There's a school right here too that we get to bike to! We also love how many events the neighborhood hosts for all age groups. Everything is close-by, even 288 which allows easy access straight into Houston. We feel like we live in such a luxurious community. Our children are never bored living in Pomona - it's truly the place to make unforgettable childhood memories."

- Partridge Family

"We moved here from a nearby neighborhood. We always drove through on our way to church and were sold on the idea pretty quickly. Obviously Pomona is beautiful, but we loved how family oriented the community was. We have 2 boys under 6 and have enjoyed already meeting new people and having our kids make friends!"

- Simmons Family

"We absolutely love this neighborhood! We came from the city in hopes of a life of community where we can know our neighbors. Pomona has far exceeded our expectations. Our daughter loves to check the mail simply because she knows she will see her neighbors. I tell my friends who don't live here that where we live is like a stationary cruise ship. There's something always going on for us to enjoy!!"

- Whitehead Family

“My family and I moved to Houston a couple of years ago. We had first looked at Pomona because we loved the community feel and lifestyle events. We ended up moving across the bridge into another neighborhood and ultimately wished we hadn’t. Just recently we found the opportunity to purchase our dream home in Pomona and jumped on the chance. During this pandemic we have still been able to meet lots of neighbors on our private social media platforms and thru social distancing. We are so happy we moved into this community and look forward to being here a long time!”

- Eubanks Family

"Diversity was a massive factor for us. We wanted our children to be raised in an area that appreciated all walks of life, and Pomona checked that box for us brilliantly. The parks, pools, fitness center, trails, clubhouse, and wonderfully-organized community events made our decision that much easier."

- Villareal Family

"My family and I love the beehive park! The design is perfect for our young family and the location is ideal. The amenities at Pomona continue to impress us and add value to our community."

- Wright Famiy

“Our spring break did not include any outings. We are so very thankful we live in such an awesome neighborhood where we can create our own adventures!!”

- DuBois Family